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Very important: you only have to register once. For example, if you have successfully registered yourself on March 15th, you do not need to register again on March 18th. If you couldn’t register on March 15th, you can try again on March 18th. There will be no waiting list for the first batch – so if you couldn’t register your name on March 15th, you would need to register on March 18th in order to secure your attendance or put your name in the waiting list.

The link for attendance registration will be available through our website. We want to make sure the process is as smooth as possible for everyone, but in case you experience problems with the registration link or our website, it could be because there are too many people accessing them at the same time. Please wait for a couple of minutes and try again.


When filling in the registration form, please remember that you can only register one email for one name. You can not register two names under the same email – the system will not allow you to. Please make sure that your name matches your ID (KTP/SIM/Student Card). We’ll be doing ID checks at re-registration desk on the event day.


Be quick! Registration is first come, first serve, and it usually fills up pretty fast (in our last event, we were fully booked in less than 40 minutes). Once you have successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation email.


In case something comes up and you can not come to the event, please do let us know using a provided link on your confirmation email to cancel your attendance registration, and the link will be valid until March 21st, at 18:00 (GMT+7).


Letting us know if you cancel your attendance is very important for us – this way we can give the seat to people in the waiting list. If you do not show up on event day without cancelling your registration in advance, we will give your seat to somebody else, and we’ll have to unfortunately put you on the blacklist for our next main event.


Stay tuned with us on Twitter and Facebook . Also, don’t forget to check out videos from our previous events on our website. Spread the word!



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